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Welcome to SIRENE Documentation


SIRENE is a customer notification web application.


SIRENE is available has a set of docker image, docker compose startup and env configuration file.

download & unzip
edit env 
docker compose up -d

For production, use an external reverse proxy with TLS/SSL, and your SMTP relay. Configure backup.

Getting started

Create an initial django DB admin for DB backend admin tool.

docker compose exec sirene_app python createsuperuser

Import a Sirene demo file, including users

docker compose exec sirene_app python load_model /import/demo

User authentication


  • Either by the docker nginx componet (basic auth, htpasswd)
  • Or a federated OIDC solution (Keycloak, Okta, ...)

Technical components

  • docker nginx :with oauth2_proxy configuration or standalone (Basic) authentication
  • docker app : jango with Sirene Application
  • docker task django/celery/sirene tasks for async notifications
  • docker redis : authentication and performance cache
  • docker mariadb : DB backend for Sirene/Django app


SIRENE is released under BSD-3clause licence, free to use, free to extend. Experiment, Adopt, Enjoy, Contribute.