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Consult a public message

Just visit the Internet public home page for your SIRENE deployment. No login required, visible for everyone.

Consult a private message

  • Go to your SIRENE.
  • Clic on connect,
  • Authenticate with the configured schema
  • Private messages for all / for you are displayed in a tabular form.
  • Clic a message for additional informations

Consult an older message

Clic on History in the private section of SIRENE.

Remove an active message

With admin permissions, clic on the message, then ARCHIVE.

In Config & Tools menu, you can archive all active messages at once.

By default all messages are removed automatically after 24h (can be configured)

Send a new message

For user with ops or admin role.

  • Select New Message
  • Choose between 1/ predefined 2/ full custom 3/ public page only


  • select one of the predefind message
  • review the content, the channels (public,private,mail, sms) and the targeted audience and groups
  • if it's a generic message (has placeholders for SITES and APPS), select APPS or SITEs
  • clic Publish

Full Custom

  • Fill the blank form with all information
  • Select the notificaiton channels (public page, private page, mail, sms)
  • Select the targetd audience and groups
  • Clic Publish

Public Web pages

  • Public Web Page for anyone to see. Don't put too much info. Use predefined public pages.
  • select one of the available public page
  • review and publish
  • if needed tou can create a custom public page.