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  • maintains an organizational model of a company or customer base : users, sites, apps, groups
  • compute targets for new notifications using the organizational model
  • send notification through mail or SMS
  • displays public and private notifications
  • groups notification by severity, category (incident, planned downtime, ...), and more


  • notification or message : new information sent to some users by a human admin when an
  • public page : internet public page with public notifications
  • private pages : private backend for Sirene, after authentication
  • severity : fixed list of value which define colors of display and level of importance of messages.
  • category : free list of tags ; category help sort/filter messages : incident, maintenance, crisis ..
  • user : people who can be notified (contacts), access the backend (login) or manage Sirene (admins)
  • user_groups : named groups of users with any characteristic (geography, activity)
  • sites : geographical locations
  • sites_groups : groups of sites with of any kind
  • apps : IT app or any service made available to users by some sites
  • predefined messages : template of notifications for instant delivery (one clic)
  • scopes : list of people or groups of people who are targetd for notifications. A scope is expressed as individual users, group of users, sites, group of sites, apps (user/maintener), etc.