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BOOTTIME collects the number of seconds and days since last reboot of the local Virtual Machine or server. You can build dashboards to monitor host without reboot.


# conf.yml


     enable: yes
     severity_max: warning
     threshold: 75               # days
     frequency: 3600             # seconds

Additional parameters

new v1.6

threshold: float ; days before raising an alert


Alert can be adjusted with common enable_pager and severity_max options.

Output to Metrology

This module sends one message with the following fields:

cmt_module: boottime
cmt_boottime_days: #int (days)
cmt_boottime_seconds: #int (seconds)

CLI usage and output

$ ./ boottime

Check boottime 
cmt_boottime_seconds   83790 seconds (23:16:30)  - Seconds since last reboot
cmt_boottime_days      0 days ()  - Days since last reboot
OK                     days since last reboot : 0 days - 23:16:30 sec.