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Check: Send

new in 1.4.0

Send is a specific module which takes a value on STDIN and pipe it to CMT for immediate send.

Use case

echo "42" | cmt send --check mytestcheck --report

date | python3 /opt/cmt/ --conf conf.yml send --check mytestcheck --report


This module has a specific behavior since it must be the only one to be executed during a single run, with explicit modulename (send) and checkname (--check checkname) on the command line arguments.

It is not exectuted when cmt is run globally with many or all modules and checks.

It needs a configuration entry to map the received value from STDIN to an attribute sent to metrology servers.

It waits at most 5 seconds for the data to be available on STDIN.

Don't forget the --report option to send to metrology servers.

Enable the module

Enable the module in the configuration :

# conf.yml

     enable: yes

Create a check entry

       attribute: mytest
       comment: "This a test comment"
       unit: seconds

       attribute: mytest2
       comment: "This a second collected entry comment"
       unit: bytes



the name of the check to use in the CLI call


the name of the attribute (prepended with cmt_) sent to metrology servers


a text string for human explanation in metrology


the unit of the value being sent
available : seconds, bytes (for human display only)


This module may later include options to send a whole file of attribute:value as json or yaml.

It may also include targets to raise alerts upon threshold of values processed (much like the folder module).