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Version : 2.0

This module provides a simple way to query MySQL/MariaDB databases and send responses (rows x columns) to metrology servers.

All host/port/credentials are to be configurer in a mysql.cnf file format.

Data is sent to all configured targets : Graylog, ElasticSearch, InfluxDB.

It uses the multievent pattern, with one global event for the execution of the check, and one or more event for each line in the response.

Column name mapping can be configured.


# conf.yml


      defaults_file: /opt/cmt/mysql.cnf
      query: select user,age from cmt_test.table1 limit 10
      maxlines: 200  ; maximum number of row to retrieve (default 200)
        user: username
        age: years
      frequency: 3600

mysql credentials

Create /opt/cmt/mysql.cnf (or /in/some/other/dir) and make it available to CMT only.

Use a readonly account in mysql/mariadb to prevent accidental DB write.

host     =
user     = root
password = xxxxxxx
port     = 3306
socket   = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock


Following events will be sent to metrology servers for each CMT run.

global event:

cmt_message: mysqldata - db_query1 - 3 lines collected
cmt_mysqldata_count: 3

3 data events:

cmt_m_username: phil
cmt_m_years: 42

cmt_m_username: joe
cmt_m_years: 23



cmt_group, cmt_node, cmt_module, cmt_check, cmt_id, ... for each event.