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MEMORY collects and reports global memory (RAM) usage for the local Virtual Machine or server.


# conf.yml


     enable: yes
     enable_pager: no
     severity_max: warn
     threshold: 75.8              # percentage

Additional parameters

new v1.6

threshold: float ; percentage threshold before raising an alert


Alert can be adjusted with common enable_pager and severity_max options.

Output to Metrology

This module sends one message with the following fields:

cmt_check: memory
cmt_memory_available: #int (bytes)
cmt_memory_used: #int (bytes)
cmt_memory_percent: #float (percent)

CLI usage and output

$ ./ memory

Check memory 
cmt_memory_percent     86.1 % ()  - Memory used (percent)
cmt_memory_used        2031271936 bytes (2.0 GB)  - Memory used (bytes)
cmt_memory_available   382902272 bytes (382.9 MB)  - Memory available (bytes)
cmt_memory_total       2749349888 bytes (2.7 GB)  - Memory total (bytes)
OK                     used 86.1 % - used 2.0 GB - avail 382.9 MB - total 2.7 GB